Hi, I'm Miguel

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Over 10 Years of Pet Grooming Experience

I came from an animal-loving family.  I have always had a passion for animals and believe they are family members. I have always had a special love for dogs, and the love is so often reciprocated by them, even if they know I am the groomer! I have had dogs my whole life, and love the large and small breeds all the same. Some of my favorites are: Labradors, Doodles, Yorkies and Mixed Breeds.

In 2005 I started Heart to Heart Pet Services in Los Angeles, CA. When I started the business, it was the most satisfying feeling to be able to happily serve my clients in a safe, clean, and comfortable environment. I can count on himself to uphold the business to the highest standard. I practice positive reinforcement, with the utmost care and safety in mind for the pet.


I always wanted to have a Mobile Grooming Salon because Mobile pet groomers set aside time for your pet alone. There are never any competing tasks that must be accomplished. This means your furry friend gets our undivided attention every time so they can get to know us, and we can get to know them. This makes the grooming experience more like time with friends and something they anticipate, rather than dread.

My vision is to provide a stress-free environment for your furry loved ones while providing convenience for their owners.  This is how Salt Lake Mobile Pet began...

There's No Place like Home

When visiting a groomer, it’s difficult for you – and your pet – to get the one-on-one attention that they deserve. Mobile grooming ensures that your pet is the center of attention, receiving the absolute best experience possible.